The name stands for a valley in which numerous rock engravings have been found on rocks.

The name stands for a valley in which numerous rock engravings have been found on rocks. The source in the valley was dry as often as full of water – for residents it was always doubtful whether water would be present.

You will notice that most of the trip through this region is a beautiful nature ride, especially from Uis where the landscape turns into red rocks and acacia trees. Between the rocks you can find cattle fences here and there where the locals live. In some beads the Damara population lives, in others it is just Herero. Damara is originally a Khoi Khoi strain, probably from West Africa. Their language is related to the Khoi language, but the skin color of the Damara is darker than that of the Nama or other colored groups. The Herero – from South Angola is a homogeneous black strain. Nonetheless, the women of the two groups are clearly distinguishable from each other. Herero women dress in colorful, striking (and warm) Victorian dresses with big hats.


In Damaraland, both north and south, you have the chance to see the desert elephant roaming around. The canon elephant is of course an ordinary elephant, but it is adapted to very special living conditions. Elephants love trees with green leaves and (a lot of) water. They drink on average 100 to 200 liters per day. Normally they ensure that they are not too far away from water. In Damaraland, however, there is little or no water and there is no or hardly any green leaf on the trees. The elephants must therefore scrape their food together over long distances. The animals easily cover 70 kilometers a day and have become accustomed to a much lower water requirement. They drink 25 to 50 liters daily and can even be without water for several days. And strangely enough they are also extra careful with the vegetation. Elephants are known for their ability to cut a whole tree if they are hungry if they see a piece of leaf in the top of the tree. Experts say that the elephants in Damaraland do not show this behavior and are extra careful.



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