What we do with your personal data

  • we only use your first name and surname for the naming of airline tickets, registration of your booking with the accommodation(s), rental companies and intermediaries, who are directly involved in the execution and fulfillment of your trip;
  • we ask for your personal details like full name, home address, insurance and identity details shortly before the start of your journey – this information is necessary for us to dispose of in the event of calamities during your trip. We call this data the Personal Data Traveler (s) (PDT). In accordance with the EU Privacy Law, the PDT are not shared or stored outside the EU;
  • on returning your trip and when the travel file is closed, we will destroy the PDT. We retain your name and address as well as your email address and we also ask you if we can approach you for future events, such as a trade fair. If you request to destroy all your data (including your name and email address) we will do so and confirm this to you.