Rules & Instructions for access to and travel in Zimbabwe

Latest Update: March 2nd 2021

Zimbabwe is open for international travel as from 1 October 2020, however there are still limited scheduled flights into the country, with most flying into Harare. Land borders remain closed so it’s best to remember that you cannot move between countries, by road, once in Zimbabwe. As from 2 January 2021, the country will be under a national lockdown for a period of 30 days. The good news: Holiday travel is still allowed between 6:00 and 18:00 for inter-city and inter-provincial travel as well as to national parks and tourism facilities. Tourists travelling between destinations will need to provide documentation as proof of bookings. Hotels and lodges are exempt from the mandatory business closures.


  • All tourists must provide a negative COVID-19 test that should have been done at least 48 hours prior to flight departure.
  • All tourists will be screened on arrival. Any tourists showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will have to do a rapid COVID-19 test, at own cost. If tested positive, tourists will be placed in immediate isolation and quarantine will be for their own cost.
  • Tourists are required to adhere to COVID-19 prevention measures.


Land borders are all still closed. This means that movement is only in-country.

Airlines/Scheduled Flights:

Ethiopian Airlines
Air Zimbabwe
Air Malawi
Kenya Airways

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