Bush Calls Safaris is a specialized travel company based both in Botswana and the Netherlands.

Bush Calls Safaris organizes exclusive mobile safaris, all over Botswana and in the national parks. We create special itineraries based on your desires and wishes, combining neighboring countries South Africa & Namibia. The office in Maun, Botswana takes care of all local bookings and we offer our local expertise & guides to let you experience a personal and professional journey.

Bush Calls Safaris is a proud member of BOGA, the Botswana Guide Association – enabling us to set up exclusive, private bush camps in unique, secluded locations in the national parks and from there make game drives. Truly a unique and unforgettable way to make safaris!
In the Netherlands we have our Marketing & Booking Office. Great advantage of this for you as a customer, that you can contact us in our own language during and after your trip and do business with a Dutch based company. In addition, the employees from the Netherlands regularly visit the area, so that we can advise you first-hand.

A professional approach, attention to detail and flexibility are all part of the establishment of the Bush Calls Safaris people. Bush Calls Safaris is a Botswana company and was founded by the late Robert (Bob) Sekeseke – making it a true local company. We do everything to offer our guests the highest quality safaris, while maintaining & respecting the delicate environment and the natural beauty of Botswana. We call this Responsible Tourism – “bring nothing, leave nothing behind your footprints”.



Bushcamp assistant

Ona is 31 years old and works as a camp assistant at Bush Calls Safaris. Ona sets up the camp for the bush camps. And there is more to it than meets the eye, but Ona takes his work very seriously. He is very focused on what he does, he likes to set up the camp and make it a true home for the guests. He also finds timing very important. Ona loves the bush and has been working in tourism since 2010. He would like to become a guide. His work as a camp assistant offers him the opportunity to learn more about the bush, the animals and everything that comes with a bush camp. The favorite animal of Ona is a hyena. The way they move and the sounds they make are very funny to him.



BOGA Guide

Lucky is a driver and guide at Bush Calls Safaris.<br /> He is 37 years old and born in Kasane, near Chobe National Park. Lucky loves the bush, so the choice to become a guide was made quickly. For this he has followed a special training at the Botswana Guides Association. Lucky has been working as a guide since 2000 and he does game drives, boat cruises and walking safaris. He knows the bush as his pocket and likes to share his knowledge with others. The leopard is Lucky's favorite animal. Their hunting techniques intrigued him, the way they sneak to catch their prey he finds beautiful to see. Leopards are difficult to spot, they hunt alone and know how to hide very well. For Lucky it is a challenge to find them!



Botswana Cultural Tours

In 2007 I ended up in Africa for the first time. This experience tasted like more and a Bachelor in Tourism Management followed. For this training I visited Tanzania several times, I did an internship as manager of a project in local tourism. And the following year I researched the impact of local tourism for my thesis. Tourism is a true passion and a couple of years ago I expanded my interest to organize cultural itineraries for our clients in various countries - among them Botswana. Doing so I explored this beautiful country and have initiated some local programs for our clients to experience local culture by participating in local life for a couple of days. Want to know more about that? Please contact me directly and I'll be more than happy to tell you about the possibilities!



Bushcamp chef

BK is the bushcamp chef. In this job he combines his two passions: cooking and the bush. BK has been in tourism since 2004. Before that he was chef at various camps in and around the Okavango Delta. BK is a meat man, he likes a good braai. His favorite dish is game meat. He also likes to tell stories and make jokes. He is the one who tells great stories around the campfire in the evening. His favorite animal is the lion. Once upon a time BK came face to face with a lion, which was a very exciting moment where BK feared for his life. The lion and BK looked at each other for a long moment after which the lion decided not to do anything and walk away. Since that experience lions have been even more interesting for BK.



Bushcamp assistant

Den is also a camp assistant from Bush Calls Safaris. He is 30 years old and since 2010 working in tourism. Together with Ona, Den sets up the camp for the bush camps and also drives the (optional) extra vehicle. He would like to become a guide and as a camp assistant he can learn a lot about the bush. Den was born in Maun and grew up in the Delta. He is an extrovert type and the joker of the bunch, always in for a joke. His favorite animal is the Kalahari lion. This only occurs in the Kalahari and until Den joined Bush Calls he had never seen it before. He loves the black mane of these lions.



Director - Owner

Tess is the proud daughter of the late founder Bob, she is the one that brings the Botswana women power in the company! With the passing of Bob during the Covid pandemic, she stepped up and took over her fathers legacy. Always cheerful and very forthcoming to our clients she is the true pearl of the operation! Tess has finished high school studies and at age 21 she decided to enforce the growing operation of the family business - to our luck! In 2018 she has started her Botswana Guide Training and this season (2019) she has been operating as assistant guide on various trips. Since 2020 she can call herself a certified Botswana Guide!


Robert Avelino Sekeseke - (1968 - 2021)


In Memorial:<br /> Wednesday April 7th 2021 our dear friend, guide for life, father & husband Robert (Bob) Sekeseke, born September 1968, has passed away.<br /> There are no words to describe the grief his sudden passing has caused by his family and loved ones.<br /> He will be missed dearly and remembered by countless friends, clients but above all his daughters, son and wife Rita.<br /> We thank him for the warmth, joy and happiness he brought to all he encountered.<br /> So many dreams are laid to rest together with this wonderful man.<br /> Thank you Bob for being our father, partner and friend.<br /> We trust he will be on the game drive of his life in God’s heavenly bush.<br /> Rest in peace dear friend.</p> <p>Bush Calls Safaris was founded by Bob Avelino Sekeseke, born and raised in a small village called Maun in the northern part of Botswana, located on the south side of the Okavango Delta. Maun is the gateway to the delta. Bob started working in 1987 in the Tourism & Safari branch, first as a cook and later as a professional guide on Mokoro tours and bush walks on the famous Chiefs Island. Here Bob also managed expeditions and camps on the different islands. From 1995 Bob started running so-called 16 beds of bush camps in the delta. He has started Bush Calls Safaris as a mobile safari operation, because by his experience that is the best way for travelers to see the African wildlife - by staying among them in private bush camps.



Botswana / Namibia specialist

Paul made his first trip to Botswana in 2003, still fully in the mode of Western tourist. The country, however, was a huge inspiration, and in 2006 he was there again and stayed there for a few months. The essence of the untouched nature and the origin of our existence did not let go. In 2008 the exploration of local possibilities started, because he had noticed that mainly Western organizations are ``owners`` of the companies in African countries. His entrepreneurial conviction is to act together on the basis of equality & fairness, in which we agree to work together and share the proceeds. A design that in 2010 led to his first company in Botswana. Opportunities for local entrepreneurs, supported by our Western European experience is a wonderful mix. Paul builds on this and through this we bring travelers & operators the best of both worlds.