Okavango Delta

World's largest inland delta, taming with wildlife

The beating heart of life is a spectacle of nature, that in every season stretches its veins of water to feed the dry terrain of Botswana and the many different animal species.

The Okavango Delta is one of the most desirable wilderness destinations in the world and offers an unlimited insight into the real wild Africa. The contrast of the many diverse game and hunting in this “circle of life” in this serene and unspoiled environment of the delta is breathtaking. To travel through the beauty of the Okavango Delta is an ultimate experience and offers you an overwhelming variety like no other. Since 2010 the Okavango Delta belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In the past, the Okavango Delta was part of the Makgadikgadi Lake, but more than ten thousand years ago this became more dehydrated. The Okavango Delta is kept alive by the third largest river in southern Africa – the Okavango. The Okavango River starts in Angola and for more than a thousand years the water from the highlands of Angola flows through the Okavango River through the Okavango Delta. In ancient times, the Okavango River opened into the sea, but in the course of the years this changed. Today, the Okavango River flows into the Okavango Delta and then into the Kalahari Desert. The Okavango Delta ensures that 15,000 km2 of this desert is supplied with water. That is why the Okavango Delta is seen as the pearl of the Kalahari.

The delta is filled in the seasons, when the summer rains swell the Okavango River and push these floods out of Angola and arrive in Botswana and in Mohembo in the Caprivi. Then the water spreads over the vast plains of the Delta.

Another wonder of the Delta is the perfect timing of the floods or the “flood” as the locals call it. This comes just after the water-filled pans of summer rains disappear, around April and May. The journey of these flood waters is about 1300 km where it crosses the Khalahari land and thus this sand is flushed. This ensures that everything brings refreshment to the plants and animals and their incredibly extensive ecosystem.


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