Moremi Game Reserve

The best wildlife reserve in Southern Africa

The first reserve in Africa founded by local residents. An exceptional national park, which already won several prizes, such as ‘the best game reserve in Africa’ in 2008

It also has the honor to be the first reservation in Africa, founded by local residents. The reserve is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful wildlife parks in Africa. About 30% of the reserve is part of the mainland, with the remainder and the largest part in the Okavango Delta itself. Moremi Game Reserve is located in the central and eastern area of ​​the Okavango, including the Moremi Tongue and Chief’s Islands. Moremi has one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the continent.

This game reserve is the most fantastic place to watch wildlife and to study birds. During your trip through the Moremi Game Reserve you will find a large amount of naturally occurring species, herbivores and carnivores. More than 400 species of birds live in this area. There are many migratory birds, but also a number of endangered birds.
Moremi Game Reserve has a wide variety of wild animals such as buffalos, giraffes, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, jackals, impalas, red lechwes and much more! The wildlife park also focuses on the wild dogs, through a wild dogs project that is operational in the area since 1989 and ensures that they are regularly observed. Sometimes seen wearing collars that have been placed by the researchers. Some people say that Moremi has more than 30 percent of the wild dog population in the world.

Besides the wild dogs, the game reserve also tries to pay attention to the black and white rhino. These were reintroduced a few years ago. By reintroducing the Rhinos in Moremi, the reserve also became a ‘Big Five’ destination.

In an area of ​​roughly 3900 square kilometers, Moremi is the place where the country and the Okavango Delta meet, where exceptionally picturesque floodplains are created. The always wet season ensures the spectator of surprising contrasts of waterways, lagoons, nature pools, pans, grasslands, rivers and mophane forests.
When you drive through the Moremi Game Reserve you will experience this as very exciting and inspiring, also because of the many loops and grooves. Moremi is a favorite destination for self-drive campers. It is also possible to make a combination with the Chobe National Park in the north-east. let yourself be well informed and assure you of booked campsites and access to these parks before boarding the plane!

However, we advise you to make a (mobile) safari with an experienced guide – these guides have grown up in the area and you get to see a lot more than when you go game drive. An additional advantage to go with an organization like Bush Calls Safaris is that we are members of the guides association and because of this we can make our camp in remote places in the bush – a unique experience! Peak safari season starts in June and ends mid-October. During these months, the pans will dry and migrate the animals to the remaining water pools. The temperatures are very hot from October to the rains from late November/ early December.


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