Travel Precautions

With the information below we inform you about the most important vaccinations known to us, which are needed to travel to Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. You must always contact your doctor, tropical diseases department of a hospital in your area or contact a “travel clinic” to get advice and information on the basis of your personal situation and condition!

For an up-to-date status of the travel conditions and options, please refer to the separate COVID-19 Information pages on our website : COVID-19 Information

For the countries of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa you need a DTP, Hepatitis A (optional also B.) vaccination. If you have been traveling in or through a country where Yellow Fever prevails (Asian countries) until one year before the arrival of one of these countries, you should also be vaccinated against this (demonstrable!).

Furthermore, you need protection against malaria, depending on which period in the year you will be traveling. The maps on the right give an overview of when and how malaria spread in southern Africa. Roughly one can say that malaria occurs in the months of December to May in these areas:

  • Botswana – from Tuli Block (south east) and everything north of it;
  • Namibia – from the line Sesfontein – Grootfontein and everything north of it;
  • South Africa – Limpopo (northern border area with Zimbabwe / Botswana).

In the remaining months of the year, malaria only occurs in these areas:

  • Botswana – from the Maun – Kasane line (all north of it)
  • Namibia – Epupa – Rundu and to its east (Caprivi Strip)

From experience we know that the Malarone tablet offers good protection – however, this is only available on doctors prescription in the Netherlands. In addition to the tablets, it is best to use anti-mosquito lotions and the like from the end of the afternoon until the next morning and cover your body as much as possible. Mosquito netting are a requirement (so must always be present) in Botswana accommodations and the tents we are using during the bush camps are impregnated and have mosquito net canopies.


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