Bush Calls Safaris has organized various trips & safaris for individuals and companies since 2008. Below we have published a selection of the feedback that we received directly from our customers. We highly value to hear your travel experiences & feedback and wanting to do “even better” is in our genes. We always evaluate the journey with our customers afterwards. Publishing beautiful comments is possible for everyone – our personal contact with our customers makes it possible for you to hear personally how they have experienced our service. If you wish, we can put you in touch with these people if you want to hear an independent opinion about our approach and services. In 2019 we started having our performance reviewed by our clients at TripAdvisor. We will not extend the reviews listed below from that year onward.




2018 – Carla & Alfons (2p) – Private Safari Moremi Game Reserve – Botswana
“Do you want to camp in the bush among the wild animals in Africa and you are not afraid of dust and scary animals sounds around your tent at night, then we recommend to have this adventure with the great team of Bush Call Safaris consisting of an experienced guide, delicious cooking cook and his buddies who build up the camp. We thought it to be a great experience to roam 4 days through the African bush in Botswana.”

2018 – Arieke & Peter (family, 5p) – South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe
In July we went to Botswana with our family (3 children, 18, 16 and 13 years) for 3 weeks. This trip has exceeded our expectations. Every day was an experience, so much seen. From Johannesburg to Tuliblock, Khama Rhino, Kalahari, Salt Pans, Okavango Delta, Moremi, Kwai, Savuti and Victoria Falls. Especially the nights in the wildlife parks in the tents, at night the lions hear roar, the hippo’s hear ‘shout’, a hyena that shows itself from the bushes, while we are sitting together by the fire. In addition, the care by the cook and the camp assistant, the information from the guide about everything we saw. All this makes this trip unforgettable. An experience for living with each other.
Bush Calls Safaris (Paul and Bob), thank you for your commitment to make this trip an unforgettable experience.”

2018 – Kees & Thea – (family, 9p) – South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe
We have made an unforgettable journey as a family with nine people. The country, the culture and the wild animals were a constant eye-catcher. If the hippos slide 50 meters from your tent into the water, the hyenas in the dark pass your tent at two (2 !!) meters, the elephants continue to cross the road and you can see three of the big five in one day and for dessert lion cubs, cubs of wild dogs, baby elephants and cheetahs to behold then you have nothing to complain we think 🙂 It was fantastic!”

2018 – Madou & Jaap – South Africa & Botswana
The crew was above expectations !! Good guide and a top service from the other boys!
Bush Calls gave good advice on our wishes. The crew in Botswana was above expectations. For us a great experience and we look back on a beautiful trip!”

2018 – Maartje & Eric – South Africa & Botswana
Very good and attentive guide and field guide and we have eaten delicious. Hats off!
Botswana has been on our wish list for a long time. In consultation with BCS it is ultimately a perfect mix of a week South Africa and two weeks Botswana with a good variety of very good lodges and special camping experiences. We have been with the team at places where we would never come and we are very well cared for. In our opinion we have been able to visit all the special and varied destinations of this beautiful country. Moreover, we have been very impressed by the beautiful and very pleasant people, who are very proud of their country.”

2017 Michael (4p) – Namibia – Botswana
“Together with 3 friends I visited the holiday fair in Utrecht in January and we specifically went looking for a trip through Namibia and Botswana. We finally got in touch with Bush Calls Safaris which gave us a good feeling and this turned out to be confirmed later. An enthusiastic team, knowledge of the matter and an office on site have ensured that we have experienced a very nice trip, in beautiful lodges, in these beautiful countries. A lot of wildlife and a friendly population. In short; if you want to go to Namibia and / or Botswana, choose Bush Calls. Highly recommended!”

 2017 Leni & Frans (2p) – Namibia
“A varied and well organized trip; fantastic lodges made of simple materials but with a luxurious ambiance; personal approach.”

2016 Brenda & Meindert (family, 4p) – South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe
“What a great trip we have had! In all perspectives. Botswana itself is awesome. So much beautiful nature and wildlife. It’s unforgettable. The travel program was perfectly fit. Great program, excellent guides, special overnight places, everything worked out well, to make this an experience for life. Many thanks to Paul, Bob and their team!”

2016 Henriëtte & Gijs (2p) – Botswana
“The two of us booked a trip via Bush Calls Safaris from September 27th to October 16th , 2016. During the first part of the journey we drove through Botswana with a rental car and from day 8 we drove around with the jeep of BCS through various nature reserves in Botswana. Eventually we decided to end our trip with a few days relaxing at Bush Marina Lodge in Kasane. The trip was great !!! We have seen lots of beautiful things and have met very nice people in Botswana and of course enjoyed fantastic nature. The trip was well organized, we have seen a lot of wildlife and in we ‘ve stayed in beautiful lodges. Chapeau for Bush Calls Safaris !!”

2016 Henk & Imra (family, 7p) – Botswana
“We have made a fantastic trip through Bush Calls Safaris. A succession of highlights: bush camps, mokoro trips, bush walks, a flight over the Okavango, Victoria falls, etc. The guide (s) and staff were very friendly and good at their job. Everyone went out of their way to get the maximum out of it. Of course you also need a bit of luck, which we had. Five leopards, plenty of lions, buffalos, wild dogs, etc.

In short, a life-changing experience! Thanks to the Bush Calls Safaris Team.”

2016 Hans & Lianne (family, 4p) – Namibia & Botswana
“After a beautiful self-drive trip through Namibia, the mobile safari with Bush Calls in Moremi and Savuti Game Reserves were an absolute highlight. Under the guidance of the enthusiastic and driven guide we had wonderful days. Camping in the bush was an unforgettable experience, partly due to the good care of the cook and the camp staff.”

2015 Mark & ​​Evelyn (family, 5p) – South Africa & Botswana (private safari with Bush Calls):
“We have made a wonderful trip through South Africa and Botswana with our 3 children (15, 13 and 11 years). For us it was the first long distance journey with the family. We were looking for a good mix between culture, nature and safaris and did not want a standard trip. The journey went perfectly and it was a great experience with the family. We will definitely go back to Africa!”

2014 Wim & Marian (family, 5p) – Namibia / Botswana (private safari with Bush Calls)

Top3 of our journey!:
“1) guided safari (2x) camping (1x) traveling around (1x) traveling together (1x)
2) Capetown (2x) cheetah farm (1x) Chobe River Cruise (1x) Etosha (1x)
3) cheetah farm (1x) sandboarding (1x) sosusvlei (1x) guided safari (2x) “

2014 – Hans & Ria – Southern Africa, private safari Botswana:

Top3 of our trip:
“1) The all-inclusive 4-day excursion in Moremi, Botswana, including the animals in the parks.
2) The Sossus Valley, including the deserts.
3) Camping with the tent on the roof on all fine campsites. “

2014 – Sicco & travel companions (4p) – Selfdrive & private safari Botswana (private safari with Bush Calls):
“Botswana: Beastly fascinating. What a love and respect for nature’s wildness has been imparted to us! Old English treatment by the population. “

2014 – Matje & Adri on a tour through Namibia / Botswana (private safari with Bush Calls):
“After 2 weeks fine lodges in Namibia, 1 week in Botswana, camping in the bush, with a guide and a cook, great, what a luxury! And then the wildlife, super !!!!!! We enjoyed”

2013 – Hub & travel companions (7p) – self-drive Namibia / Botswana (private safari with Bush Calls):
“Very many different animals seen, some (lions, leopards) from very close. Beautiful dunes. Flying over the Delta. Seen Victoria waterfall. Very friendly people. Great guides. 4 × 4 adventure. Petroglyphs. Damar, Himba, San. Very nice Sundowner on Chobe River. “

2013 – Sebraine & Jurgen (4p) – self-driving & guided Botswana (private safari with Bush Calls):
“We wanted to make a special trip with our daughters aged 11 and 16 to Botswana, South Africa and Vic. Falls. It was a journey full of variation in landscapes, places to stay (from cabin to country house) and wildlife, beautiful moments with lots of experience and unforgettable moments. We never forget that we have seen 800 elephants in one day and that they passed our camp 50 meters away. Top experiences !!! “ 

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