Booking for : Toyota Trax 4×4

    Toyota Trax 4×4

    Vehicle Details

    The TRAX from Toyota is a build-up of a camper model on a Hilux chassis. This has the advantage of a camper with 4×4 capacity. However, this is limited to sandy roads and dirt roads. The heavier 4×4 work through rivers and more slope than 20 degrees is not possible!

    We can supply this type both in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Windhoek. Return the car at all locations in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa (airports).

    Why you choose this Vehicle

    • comfort
    • 4x4 camper
    • our home everywhere!

    Additional Info

    • Vehicle Type : 4x4 Camper
    • Passenger : 2
    • Price : € 82/per day

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