Booking for : 4×4 Selfdrive & Safari Adventure in South Africa & Botswana

    4×4 Selfdrive & Safari Adventure in South Africa & Botswana

    Tour Details

    Adventurous Africa: you will visit northern South Africa and the most beautiful places and parks in Botswana – a great wildlife destination!

    Drive your own 4×4 rental with camping equipment to the north of South Africa and camp in the Thabaphaswa Mountain Sanctuary. Then to Botswana to Tuli Wilderness with lots of wild animals where you can make game drives with guide. Continue into Botswana, observe flamingos in Nata Bird Sanctuary and the most northern Chobe National Park. Take a private boat trip on the Chobe River and visit the Victoria Falls. Again to the south for an open-air (!) overnight stay under the immense starry sky at the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

    In Maun you will switch for a few days into the 4×4 game viewer of our company with a guide, cook and field assistant to move into the Moremi Game Reserve. This amazing wildlife park guarantees a wide variety of wild animals and birds. Back in Maun you continue the journey along the Boteti River and the Makgadikgadi National Park. Then continue south-east to the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, where you will explore the park independently and certainly see rhinos in the wild!

    The journey is almost over and through the Marakele National Park in South Africa, you will finish your journey and return to Johannesburg to fly back home.


    Why you choose this package!

    • with your own 4 X 4
    • Camping in bushcamps
    • private safari in Moremi

    Days 1 & 2,Thabaphaswa Mountain Sanctuary

    Travel with your own 4x4 with camping equipment to the Thabaphaswa Mountain Sanctuary for your first overnight stay in Africa. Thabaphaswa Mountain Sanctuary is a beautiful area about 3 hours drive from the airport of Johannesburg, which makes it a great place as a in between stop towards Botswana. The Sanctuary is on the foot of Thabaphaswa Mountain and is an oasis of peace amidst beautiful nature. Here you can camp and use the traditional kitchen (book in advance). In the sanctuary it is good hiking!

    Day 3,Tuli Block | Tuli Wilderness

    After the first encounter with the African bush and camping in Africa, you are on your way to Botswana today, to the rugged Tuli Block in the east of the country. This canyon, rocky area hosts a lot of game, including wild dogs, hyenas and elephants. You camp at Tuli Wilderness and make both a bush walk as a game drive led by the guides of Tuli Wilderness.

    Day 4,Francistown | Woodlands

    From Tuli Wilderness to the north, Francistown is a good place to stop. Francistown is the second city of Botswana and gives you a good picture of the society in Botswana. The city developed rapidly in the early nineteenth century by the prevailing gold rush in the region, witnessed by various (abandoned) mines in the vicinity. This area is currently being revived. It is a lively city, restaurants, markets and various colonial buildings. It is also worth a visit Supa Ngwao Museum, where the early history of both the city and Botswana is exhibited.

    Day 5,Nata | Nata Bird Sanctuary

    The route takes you further north, towards the Chobe Park and the Victoria Falls. You are camping at the Nata Lodge, here is also a restaurant. You can visit the Nata Bird Sanctuary this afternoon.

    Days 6 & 7,Kasane | Thebe Lodge

    Today you will drive into the Chobe National Park towards Kasane, which lies in the North East of Botswana and right next to the river section of the Chobe National Park. Kasane is a pleasantly busy, tourist destination, because it is relatively quick and easy to make a game drive in the park. Take a private boat trip on the Chobe River and camp at Thebe Lodge & Campsite just outside the city. Next day is a day trip to the nearby Victoria Falls on the program!

    Day 8,Gweta | Makgadikgadi Zoutvlaktes

    You will leave Kasane on time and drive to Gweta for the Overnight Tour to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. With a surface of 12,000 square kilometers, the Makgadikgadi is one of the largest salt pans of the world. Most of the time of the year remains the largest part of this desolate area waterless and because of this extreme drought large mammals are absent. The overnight stay under the immeasurable starry sky is indescribable!

    Day 9,Maun | Discovery B&B

    Refresh at Gweta Lodge who performed the tour for you and then on the way to Maun. This is a lively town in the heart of Botswana, south of the Okavango Delta - and thus often the gatewayto the Okavango Delta. This afternoon the guide from Bush Calls Safaris arrives at the accommodation to get to know you and arrange for the departure time for your safari the next day.

    Day 10,Moremi Game Reserve | Third Bridge BOGA camp

    Early on our way to the Moremi Game Reserve, first on the asphalt, but soon on gravel and dirt road. Before you get to the South Gate of the park, you'll see lots of wildlife. Your bushcamp is set up at Third Bridge and from there the game drives depart. Moremi Game Reserve is located in the central and eastern area of the Okavango, including the Moremi Tongue and Chief's Islands. Moremi has one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the continent. This game reserve is the most fantastic place to watch wildlife and to observe birds. During your journey through the Moremi Game Reserve you will find a large amount of naturally occurring species, herbivores and carnivores. More than 400 species of birds live in this area. There are many migratory birds, but also a number of endangered bird species. Moremi Game Reserve has a wide variety of wild animals such as buffalos, giraffes, lions, oryx, cheetahs, hyenas, jackals, impalas, red lechwes and much more!

    Days 11 & 12,Moremi Game Reserve | Khwai River BOGA camp

    After the morning game drive we move the bush camp to the Khwai River area, north east of the reserve. Here the Khwai River meanders and this is an excellent area for spotting game. The route of Third Bridge leads past places like Xakanaka and Hippo Pools. During your stay at the Moremi Game Reserve, the Bush Calls Safaris team will take care of you and you won't lack anything. Freshly prepared meals three times a day, with various snacks in the BOGA bush camps make it an excellent stay. BOGA is the abbreviation of the Botswana Guides Association, where our company is a proud member of. BOGA has designated segregated places in the parks where we can build a bushcamp in the middle of nowhere, a unique experience and the best way to see African wildlife. The bushcamps are fully equipped - dome tents with ensuites (shower and bush-toilet). On day 12 you will make a trip by mokoro in the afternoon over the canals of the Okavango Delta.

    Day 13,Maun | Discovery B&B

    After a morning game drive and extensive breakfast, the camp is broken up and we will leave again in the direction of Maun, where we will arrive in the afternoon - you will stay overnight at Discovery B & B, but there are many alternatives possible in Maun.

    Day 14,Khumaga | Tiaans Camp

    You will leave Maun and drive towards Rakops, along the Boteti River to camp in Khumaga at Tiaans Camp camping. You can make your own game drive in the Makgadikgadi National Park across the river (not included in the offer, optional activity). Khumaga is about 80km north of Rakops and about 3 hour drive from Maun. Khumaga or Xhumaga (pronouncing click-tongue) is a small settlement next to the Boteti River, which on its turn borders to the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park (west side). The Boteti River has been flowing for several years now, which means that a ferry is needed just after the rainy season to cross the Botetito River. There you will find Xhumaga Gate, the south entrance of the Makagadikgadi NP. The Boteti River attracs, especially as it gets drier (July-October) more and more wild. During the rainy season and a few months later it is also part of the migration area of herds of elephants , zebras and wildebeasts.

    Day 15,Serowe | Khama Rhino Sanctuary

    Leave Tiaan Camp on time to arrive in Khama Rhino Sanctuary early in the afternoon to make the afternoon to make a beautiful game drive. The Khama Rhino Sanctuary is located in the south east of Botswana and is about 10 ha in size. Under protection of the Botswana army, some 60 white and black rhinos are protected and raised here. If possible rhinos from this conservate will be released in other (protected) areas in Africa (Botswna, Chiefs Island eg). In this nature reserve there are, besides the black and white rhinoceros, several other animals such as giraffes, zebras, wildebeasts, oryx and springboks. In terms of predators you can meet hyenas and leopards. It is quite possible to drive independently through the area, but you can also book a game drive or walk with the rangers of the Khama Rhino Sanctuary. You are camping on the secluded campsite in the reserve.

    Day 16,Zuid Afrika | Marakele National Park

    After a morning game drive in Khama, you will leave the park and drive via Martin's Drift to cross the border to South Africa again, where you can camp in the Marakele National Park. This park is located in the heart of the Waterberg Mountains between a dry western part and a wet eastern part of South Africa. It therefore has a varied landscape with grassy hills, deep valleys and high mountains. In this park all large animals are present: elephants, many black and white rhinos, leopards, buffalos, cheetahs, lions, wild dogs and brown hyenas. There are also various antelope species present and has Marakele one of the largest Cape Vulture Colonies in the world (about 800 brooding pairs). You can make independent game drives in the park. You can also make 'bush walks' with a guide.You are camping on one of the campsites in the park.

    Day 17,Johannesburg | OR Tambo International Airport

    You will make an extensive game drive this morning (on your own) and will go to Johannesburg around 12 noon. Here you deliver the car again and are taken to the airport, where you all check in again for your trip home. Unfortunately, the trip is over, but hopefully you will all look back on an unforgettable experience!

    Additional Info

    • Check In : 14 April, 2023
    • Check Out : 01 November, 2023
    • Duration : 16 days
    • Person : from 2 persons
    • Kids : from 10 years of age
    • Price : € 3.645,- (based on 4 persons, excl. airline tickets)
    • Location : Africa

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