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    15-days Botswana with kids

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    A 15-day itinerary with children through beautiful Botswana. Discover nature and wildlife at a calm pace.

    You are going to Botswana! You’ve probably read a lot about this beautiful country already and now it is time to see it with your own eyes! You fly to Johannesburg-South Africa, where you pick up the rental car. Via the Marakele National Park in South Africa, you drive to Tuli Block in Botswana. This area is very different from the rest of Botswana, it is rough and rocky where the rest of Botswana is mostly flat and sandy.

    From Tuli Block you drive to the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, where about sixty rhinos found refugee. Unfortunately, many rhinos in Africa are being killed for their horns. The rhinos in Khama Rhino Sanctuary are lucky, they are protected by the army.

    Via a stop in Francistown you drive to Gweta to visit the Makgadikgadi salt pans. This used to be one of the biggest lakes in Africa but now it is a very large, empty, white plain.

    Time to go to Maun, the gateway to the Okavango. From here you start your 2-day trip into the Okavango Delta where you will spend the nights at Khwai river. There is a lot of wildlife around Khwai so pay attention during game drives!

    All good things come to an end. After a last night in Maun, it is time to go home.

    Why you choose this package!

    • Travel with children <12
    • Beautiful nature
    • Adventure
    • African wild
    • Okavango Delta

    1,Johannesburg - Safari Club Johannesburg

    Your African adventure starts today! You fly to Johannesburg-South Africa. After a long travel-day you will likely appreciate a good meal, a refreshing beer (lemonade for the kids) and a nice bed. This can all be found within a five-minute drive at Safari Club Johannesburg where you will spend the night.

    2,Marakele National Park - South Africa

    Today you pick up your rental car and drive to the Marakele National Park, your first encounter with the African bush and wildlife. The park is roughly 3h drive from Joburg, here you stay near the entrance in one of the self catering safari tents at Bontle Camp. Game drive yourself or book a tour at the gate with an experienced guide. The park is known for its vulture population as well as various antilope species and birds.

    3-4,Tuli Block - Tuli Wilderness

    You’ve now spent two nights in South Africa, it is time to cross the border into Botswana. You enter the country in the east, via the Platjan border post. This part of Botswana, called Tuli Block, is rough and rocky. This area is very different compared to the rest of Botswana. A nice route leads you to Tuli Block, it is definitely not a punishment to drive! Pay attention, you may get to see animals along the way. You will stay two nights in the Tuli Wilderness reserve of Julie and Stuart. Most of Tuli Block is privately owned by farms. Also a part of the Tuli Block has been designated as a Game Reserve. In the coming days guide Jerry will take you on a number of game drive through this reserve. Various wild animals such as elephants, giraffes, reindeer species, hyenas, cheetahs, lions and many bird species are found here.


    Today you take over the steering wheel again, your journey continues. Today's destination is a town called Serowe. Serowe lies in the south-east of Botswana and is a medium-sized town. You will spend the night in Serowe hotel. If you’re interested you could walk through the town and see what local life here looks like?

    6,Khama Rhino Sanctuary

    Thirty kilometers from Serowe you’ll find Khama Rhino Sanctuary, 8585 hectares of protected park. Around 60 white and black rhinos live in this Rhino Sanctuary. Poaching is a big problem in Africa, many rhinos are being killed for their horn. The rhinos in Khama Rhino Sanctuary are protected by the surrounding community and the help of the Botswanan army. You can drive through the park yourself or with a ranger in a safari car. In addition to the rhinos, there are several other animals to see in the park. Such as: zebras, wildebeest, giraffes etc. With some luck you can even spot a leopard! Tonight you will sleep in a chalet between the wild animals.

    7,Francistown - Woodlands Lodge & Camp

    Francistown is the second-largest city in Botswana (after Gaborone) and yet only 100,000 people live here. Francistown gives a good impression of society in Botswana. At the beginning of the nineteenth century the city developed rapidly due to the prevailing gold rush in the region, where various (abandoned) mines in the area bear witness. It is a lively city with restaurants, casinos, markets and various colonial buildings. You'll spend the night at Woodlands Lodge.

    8-9,Makgadikgadi Zoutpannen - Planet Baobab

    The journey continues westwards to Gweta, a small town at the edge of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. You will stay two nights at Planet Baobab. Planet Baobab offers various excursions in the immediate vicinity, which is the Makgadikgadi salt pans. You can book a "sundowner" tour or an overnight stay in the open air under the stars. More than ten thousand years ago, the largest lake in Africa lay here. All the water dried and all what’s left is a large, empty, white plain where nothing grows. You can easily get lost on these salt pans, because everywhere you go it looks the same. That’s why you shouldn’t go explore these pans on your own. Bring a guide, he can tell you loads about this extraordinary piece of nature.

    10-11,Maun - Maun Waterfront Guesthouse

    Today you drive to Maun, a lively town in the heart of Botswana, south of the Okavango Delta. For many people, Maun is the starting point for their safari through the Okavango Delta. You too will get to go deep into the delta but first you spend two nights in Maun. You have a whole day to explore Maun, so if you want us to book you an activity let us know? Perhaps you’d like to spend an afternoon painting with one of the local artists?

    12-13,Khwai river - Khwai Community Guesthouse

    You fly to Khwai. Looking down from the plane you may see herds of elephants and hippos in the water! You will stay at the banks of the Khwai River in the Moremi Game Reserve. This is the habitat of many animals, prepare to see plenty these coming days! You will sleep two nights in the Khwai Community Guesthouse. During these days you will go on a number of game drives through the area, pay attention to what animals you see! Hippos, elephants, buffalo, leopards, lions, they all live here. This area also hosts more than 400 species of birds, so don't forget to look up!

    14,Maun - Discovery B&B

    After a last morning game drive you fly back to Maun. You will spend the night at Discovery B&B. Enjoy your last night in Africa, by this time you must have seen a lot of African wildlife!

    15,Amsterdam - Schiphol

    Today you fly home via Johannesburg. We hope you had a fantastic time and we wish you a safe flight!

    Additional Info

    • Check In : 16 April, 2023
    • Check Out : 22 October, 2023
    • Duration : 15 days
    • Person : 2 >
    • Kids : 2 <12
    • Price : € 6.995,- (for 2p, excl. tickets)
    • Location : Botswana, South Africa

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